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Orphanage outreach program

Orphanage outreach program

Careerbridge Foundation Orphanage Outreach holds twice a year in Nigeria. The program was set up to assist the children who live at the Orphanage Home. Careerbridge believes that every child deserves unconditional love and care regardless of their situations. We support thirty children at the Heritage Children’s Place, Ginti, Lagos State. Our goal is to help these children to be healthy, comfortable and successful in life like every other child.
Call us at 1 267 467 0727 or send us an email for donation of food items, clothing, utility items, toiletries, shoes, books, and toys. Donate to help us achieve this goal.

We accept new or gently used items including:

Clothing & Shoes
All men’s, women’s, children and infant clothing including outerwear, underwear, shoes and boots, jackets, shirts, dresses, blouses, sweaters, pants, hats, gloves, handbags, purses, sandals, shorts, sleepwear, jeans, T-shirts and formal wear.

Household Items
Toiletries (unopened), eyeglasses and sunglasses, umbrellas, towels, a blankets, bedspreads, and sheets,

Fisher Price and Little Tikes items, bicycles, tricycles

Small Appliances
Irons and ironing boards, sewing machines, clocks, hair dryers, electric griddles, blenders, coffee makers and toasters.

Flat screen TV’s, computer items including towers, printers, flat screen monitors, hard drives, software and accessories, telephones, smart phones, answering machines, portable copiers, video cameras and equipment and radios.

Books, CDs & Videos
Hardback, paperback and children’s books, CDs, DVDs, Blue Ray movies, electronics, books and record albums

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