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Careerbridge strives to serve as an instrument of positive change. Structured to solve specific health and cultural problems affecting mankind…

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Careerbridge is committed to reducing the mortality rate, alleviating poverty by educating and empowering the poor, as well as nurturing and promoting culture…

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Careerbridge initiative provides opportunities that foster HOPE and CHANGE for individuals with low socioeconomic status in the underdeveloped countries in Africa.

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Today, we are celebrating our achievements, simply because some individuals made it happen by sacrificing their time, resources and skills towards this course. Please don’t hesitate to talk to us if you are willing to join our medical team. We need a surgeon, ophthalmologist, physician, physiotherapist, protocol, nurses of various specializations and cadres, which include accident and emergency nurses, intensive care nurses, and theatre nurses. We also need professional photographers, A+ tutors, website design tutors, and fashion design trainers. Together we can contribute to our society by adding value to the people around

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Careerbridge’s program focus is to bring immediate results, hope, and high performance in a relatively short time to people with low socioeconomic status in African countries.


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