About Us


Careerbridge Foundation is a 501(c) tax deductable charitable organization registered 2017 in Nigeria, and Pennsylvania, United States. The vision is led by Careerbridge CEO, Modupe Olowodahunsi, who has deep concerns about the lack of skills among youths, illiteracy, and poor healthcare delivery in Africa. Careerbridge’s program focus is to bring immediate results, hope, and high performance in a relatively short time.


Careerbridge is committed to reducing the mortality rate, alleviating poverty by educating and empowering the poor, as well as nurturing and promoting culture


Careerbridge initiative provides opportunities that foster HOPE and CHANGE for individuals with low socioeconomic status in the underdeveloped countries in Africa.

Highlighted Achievements

2017 Program Overview

Program category: Rural health community outreach program. Numbers of beneficiaries: The Program benefited 1,700 underserved and uninsured citizens.

Purpose: The program target to reduce the mortality rate in the rural communities.

Country: Nigeria.

 Presented cases: Numbers of treated cases include diabetes, high blood pressure, infectious diseases, wound care, arthritis, malaria, sore throat, fever, cholera, insomnia, and hernia.

2018 Program Overview

Program category: Rural health community Outreach and health survey across 4 communities.

Numbers of beneficiaries: 3,700 participated in the survey and the community outreach.

Purpose: Target to improve the health of the lower citizens living with chronic diseases and as well to reduce mortality rate in the rural settlement.

Country: Nigeria

Presented cases: our medical team treated cases like, malaria, respiratory and inflammation diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, joint pains, arthritis, stiff joint, and swelling, malaria, malnutrition, cholera, and wound care.

Surgical procedure: 70 people were screened and undergo surgeries such as cataract and hernia (inguinal, inguinoscrotal, umbilical and femoral in their order of frequency).

Orphanage care: We visited and donated clothing and food to an 50 orphans in Ikorodu, Lagos State.

2019 Program Overview

Program category: medical outreach tour in collaboration with community-wide charities.

Numbers of beneficiaries:  5,400 underserved citizens including males and females were benefited.

Purpose: Target to reduce preventable death. To carry out surgical procedures affected by the disadvantaged and insured

Presented Cases: Treated cases include insomnia, hypertension, diabetes, infectious diseases, inflammation, arthritis, malaria, typhoid, vitamins deficiency, sight cases, cholera, peptic ulcers, indigestion and heart burn, knee, joint and body pain, diarrhea, meningitis and heart diseases etc.

Surgical Procedure:  150 surgical procedures were carried out including lumpectomy, keloids removal, hydrocelectomy, lipoma removal, cataracts, herniorrhaphy and orchiopexy

Optometrist Care:  1500 patient received free glasses.

Dental Care: 700 patients received dental care such as scaling, polishing, and surgery 

2020 Program Overview

Program: Skill acquisition Program for undergraduates

Numbers of beneficiaries: 40 undergraduates

Purpose: To reduce the high rate of joblessness and cyber crime among the youth.

Palliative Support:  selected 700 families benefited from the palliative relief caused by the Covid 19 pandemic.

Country: Nigeria

Our Core Values

Our values are the solid base of what stakeholders, donors, and volunteers cherish in our programs. These values help Careerbridge stand out from every other NGO in Africa; we deliver on our promises and we maintain a high standard of accountability for any donations contributed to our foundation for the purpose of improving health and alleviating poverty in this region.


We support and work to empower the poor regardless of their religion, ethnicity, gender, political orientation, age, or socio-economic status. Above all, we honor human dignity, irrespective of their individual differences.

Giving Back

Careerbridge is based on loyalty and a strong sense of duty. The primary goal is to give back to people with low socioeconomic status in communities across Southwest Nigeria, in order to alleviate poverty and suffering. Our commitment is to give hope, strengthening, and inspire confidence thereby transforming the poor and hopeless into dynamic agents of change within their various communities.


In everything we do, including the financial management of the organization, we attach the greatest importance to accountability, honesty, and transparency. At Careerbridge, we stress and insist on the same qualities of business in persons who we serve and empower to become skilled laborers, entrepreneurs, and business owners. This ensures that our time, resources, and other inputs yield the best measurable results.


Careerbridge places great emphasis on effectiveness in each of our empowerment and support programs. We employ a “Smart-giving” approach in every case, and use a project evaluation system to continually monitor and assess the impact of our programs, in addition to providing periodic evaluations to our sponsors. If any of our budding entrepreneurs falters, we send in an experienced helper to identify and remedy the problem, which contributes to the sustainability of our smart giving record.

Modupe Olowodahunsi


Prof. Stephen Akintoye
Dr. Moyosola Bamidele PhD, MMIN, ACE
Prof. Mobolaji Ebenezer Aluko
J A. Coker


Dr. Oluwasegun Dada Omotayo
Project Director
Ojajuni E. Oluwasomidotun
Project Coordinator
Ibukun E. Olowodahunsi, RN
Director of Operations
Adewale J. Beke
Director Of Finance & Planning
Matron Iseyemi Folakemi, RN
Director of Compliance
Bar. Abiola Olowu
Director Admin & Fundraising