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Medical Outreach 2017

Medical Outreach 2017

The 3-days medical outreach was led by Dr. Omotayo Oluwasegun Dada. He is a Nigerian awardee of Yali Fellow 2017, an expert in community development, public health and youth empowerment. The team comprised of Public health consultant, Pediatrician consultant, Ophthalmologist, General medicine practitioners, Pharmacist, and Nurses.

Prof. Stephen Akintoye, Chairman Board of Directors Careerbridge, declared the outreach opened. Medical tests such as vital signs, RBS and other vital tests were examined. Patients were directed to Doctors, examined and treated for different ailment. Majorities of the patients were treated for diabetes and high blood pressure, infectious diseases, wound care, arthritis, malaria, cold and fever, cholera, insomnia, and hernia.

Modupe Olowodahunsi, the CEO Careerbridge reported that the outreach was a huge success. As part of our effect to sustain the outreach initiative, Careerbridge is planning to open a Center for Hypertension and Diabetes Clinic in the nearest future to help the patients living with life threatening illness.

Careerbridge recorded a total number of 1700 patients who was treated for various medical concerns. It was a good beginning, remarked by Prof. Stephen Akintoye. Please, kindly browse Careerbridge website for more details about the outreach and the upcoming events.

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