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Medical Outreach 2018

Medical Outreach 2018

CAREERBRIDGE MEDICAL OUTREACH UPDATE HELD IN OKITIPUPA LOCAL GOVT AREA OF ONDO STATE, NIGERIACareerbridge drawn members from major specializations and stakeholders in the health sector, and set up an interactive group to brainstorm, plan, and strategize using the registration data to map out the 2018 medical outreach. The outreach starts August 13th and ends 18th at three designated centers, namely; IGBOTAKO General Hospital, ILUTITUN Comprehensive Health Center, and ODE-AYE Comprehensive Health Center. We had a total number of 2,815 patient benefited. The outreach activities were divided into sections, which include General surgery, Medical consultation and Physiotherapy.The program was declared open by Otunba (Dr) Gani Adams represented by Senator (Prof.) Stephen Akintoye. The Cataract surgery led by Dr. Tayo Ibrahim, a consultant ophthalmologist recorded 50 successful cataract surgeries. Also, Dr. Akinde who led the general surgery carried out 20 Surgeries. The physiotherapists were able to treat 390 patients. Majorities of this patient were having musculoskeletal disorders including joint pains, arthritis, stiff joint, and swelling. Physician reported 2,315 patients screened for different ailments and administered drugs Gifts was also distributed, including tooth brushes and pastes, and automated blood pressure apparatus.In summary, we had 2,815 patients who benefited from the 2018 medical outreach. The commonest surgical conditions seen during the program includes cataract and hernia (inguinal, inguinoscrotal, umbilical and femoral in their order of frequency).Careerbridge proposed to setup a clinic, primarily focus to manage diabetes and hypertension in the area with a medical lab to carry out medical test. We sincerely want to thank the Ondo State Ministry of Health, volunteers, and partners for their kind support to make 2018 Careerbridge medical outreach a success. Please, kindly browse Careerbridge website for more details about the outreach and the upcoming events.
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