The Careerbridge Medical team led by Dr. Omotayo Oluwasegun Dada, a Nigerian awardee of Yali Fellow 2017, an expert in community development, public health and youth empowerment, led 18 medical experts including Public health consultant, Pediatrician consultant, Ophthalmologist, General medicine practitioners, Pharmacist, and Nurses during the just concluded 2017 medical outreach held in Ikale, Ondo State, Nigeria.

Prof. Stephen Akintoye, Chairman Board of Directors Careerbridge, declared the 2017 medical outreach opened in Igbotako, he stated that “giving back to the society is very important at this crucial time in Africa where there is no hope for the citizens to survive”. He commended Careerbridge Foundation for working in this direction”.

The medical process adopted for the coordination of the program imitated the standard procedures used in hospitals. Medical tests such as vital signs, RBS and other vital tests were carried out before a patient is directed to see the doctors. After each consultation, the patient is thereafter directed to present their prescription to the pharmacists in charge of dispensing the prescribed medication. We created an emergency team in each of the centers who admitted patients immediately based on their critical health conditions. We had several cases of high blood pressure of 220/110, 200/115, etc and high and low blood sugar cases. All these were treated, observed overnight and certified after the treatment for discharge. This adoption of the standard medical procedure contributed hugely to the smooth coordination and success of the program.

Through the tests and consultations conducted, it was discovered that a large percentage of the children under the age of 12 suffer from serious malnutrition, are underweight and lack many essential immunization vaccines. Based on the reports given by their parents, this alarming situation is due to monotony in diet, which results from lack of means to provide a balanced diet. According to the reports given by the attending doctors on the patients’ charts, it was discovered that a large number of the adults suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure, cataracts, arthritis and malaria. Besides, there are patients diagnosed of Herniotomy, herniorrhaphy, thyroidectomy and myomectomy which were referred for further intervention, working on partnership and like mind donors to help these less disadvantage citizens live a healthy life.

According to Modupe Olowodahunsi, founder of the Careerbridge Foundation, the outreach program was a huge success. As part of our intervention plan, Careerbridge will be opening the first Center for Hypertension and Diabetes Clinic in Nigeria by February 2018 known as ALAFIATAYO Charity Clinic to help the large population of people that are suffering from this silent killer disease. At the Clinic, there will be series of education program focus on cardiovascular diseases, infection control, alcohol and drug abuse.

The risks of self-prescription, the value of a balanced diet and the importance of seeking conventional medical treatment for ailments rather than rely on orthodox method of treatment or shunning free medical treatments and immunization altogether constitute some of the challenges.

The project Director, Dr. Omotayo remarked that “the true worth of any community is defined not by how it treats its wealthy and privileged citizens but by how its weak and vulnerable citizens are treated.

In November 2017, a total number of 1700 of people with various medical concerns from the ancient Ikale towns of Igbotako, Idepe and Ikoya, Ondo state, Nigeria, have benefited from the free medical outreach organized by the Careerbridge Foundation with the aim to increase the life expectancy, and medically aid the less privileged by providing necessary support to guide against loss of life to preventable diseases.

The Program started with pre-registration exercise in October 2017 at various towns and villages in Ikale. The essence of the registration is to generate patient data and useful information to further help our diagnosis and most importantly secure right medication that meet the patient’s needs. This exercise was successfully carried out.


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