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The Mindset Initiative Program is designed to re-orientate the teenagers and underage students in the high school and colleges in Nigeria. The program’s overall goal is to change their mindsets toward casual sex, explicit examination cheating, internet scams, cultism of sorts, illegal use of alcohol and nicotine, clubbing, and other morally corrupt acts. These behaviors have been generally accepted as the trend of the century, not only by the student but even the adults who should serve as role models for young Africans.

The Mindset Initiative Program will educate young people on the consequences of having multiple sexual partners, which results in unwanted pregnancy and exposes them to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Our goal is to re-orientate, influence, support, and encourage student dedication and passion to achieve their respective dreams through best practice.

The mindset program is an educative program for youths which comprises a set of benefits and reforming activities geared toward changing their overall mindset and attaining success. The learning objectives are highlighted below:

  • Debate: multi-level inter school debates will be organized for schools from different local governments with a theme that will focus on countering examination misconduct
  • Career lecture on the benefits of quality education in schools and cultivation of self-discipline
  • Mentoring and sensitization against pre-marital sexual relations
  • Mindset Club – introducing mindset club in every school and provision of books and study materials to encourage personal study
  • Educate and reform youths for the fight against morally corrupt behavior
  • Help students realize their true potential
  • Train students to resist negative peer influences
  • Encourage discipline in students
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