Dear volunteers,


On behalf of Careerbridge Board of Directors, we sincerely want to thank you for the role you played at the just concluded 2018 free Medical Outreach held in Okitipupa local government, Ondo State, Nigeria. We deeply appreciate the time you took out of your busy schedule to lend your expertise in making this program a success. Your willingness to help bring quality healthcare to the less disadvantaged people in Ikale communities and to alleviate the pains of illnesses and medical crisis in their lives means a lot to them and their families. We like to state that your teamwork, dedication, attention to details, and selfless service was highly impressive.
Your contribution was greatly productive and enjoyable, and we look forward to the opportunity to working with you in our subsequent medical programs. Please, don’t hesitate to let us know any shortcomings, observations or useful advice you think might help serve you or the people better or add value to our program. We are ready to learn, please kindly share your experience with us.
Thank you once again for the time and energy expended, and for all you have done for the people of Ikale. We would like to keep you updated through our emails and newsletters. Kindly subscribe through our website at to get Careerbridge activities update.
Again, thank you for helping the needy. We love and value your support.
Best regards.


Modupe Olowodahunsi
CEO – Careerbridge Foundation

Careerbridge Medical Team

Careerbridge Medical team was randomly selected based on their outstanding performance and track records in their respective medical practice. We are privileged to have these incredible teams, who works tirelessly and sacrifice their professional skills for others to enjoy life at the grassroots. Our team includes:  

S/n List of Medical Team Position Years of Experience
1 Dr. Dada Oluwasegun Omotayo Project C0-ordinator 6 Yrs
2. Dr. Dipo Okungade Member 4 Yrs
3. Dr. Akinde Akinsola Member 7 Yrs
4. Dr. Akinwole Kolawale Davis Member 4 Yrs
5. Dr. Olugbenga Daso Member 5 Yrs
6. Dr. Akinjopo Samuel Member 7 Yrs
7. Dr. Alao Oladejo. O Member 4 Yrs
8. Dr. Stephen Akeremale Member 10 Yrs
9. Dr. Femi Temilola Member 2 Yrs
10. Dr. Tayo Ibrahim Member 15 Yrs
11. Dr. Matthew Olajubu Member 6 Yrs
12 Dr. Omosule Samuel Adedeji Member 10 Yrs
13  Bakare Oluwaseyi Protocol Officer 2 Yrs
14 Phar. Hannah Ikeh Member 3 Yrs
15 Phar. Ajao Ifetayo Member 2 Yrs
16 Phar. Owosina Olumide Member 4 Yrs
17 Bukky Emmanuel (Ophthalmic) Member 5 Yrs
18 Olufemi Iseyemi F (RN) Member 9 Yrs
19 Olaniyi Busola (RN) Member 8 Yrs
20 Ogunmusi Adebowale (RN) Member 9 Yrs
21 Obisesan S. Adesola (RN) Member 5 Yrs
22 Ibori Egbaligha (RN) Member 2 Yrs
23 Akindele Oluwaseun (RN) Member 3 Yrs
24 Phil – Enemosa Helen E.(RN) Member 7 Yrs
25 Adegoke Emmanuel O (RN) Member 4 Yrs
26 Oladipo Adenike (RN) Member 5 Yrs
27 Adenike Odewale (RN) Member 5 Yrs
28 Alasi Olanifesi (RN) Member 6 Yrs
29 Omolola Aina (PT) Physiotherapist Member 4 Yrs
30 Adewale Jeremiah (PT) Physiotherapist Member 7 Yrs
31 Samuel Lefevre (PT) Physiotherapist Member 4 Yrs
32 Damilola Asaju (PT) Physiotherapist Member 7 Yrs
33 Timelehin Oyefeso (PT) Physiotherapist Member 3 Yrs
34 Abiola Olowu Secretariat 3 Yrs
35 Emoruwa Anthony Protocol Officers 5 Yrs
36 Nwankwo Okechuchwu Protocol Officer 7 Yrs
37 Oyesanmi Joseph Reporters 8 Yrs
38 Oyekachi Emmanuel Social media 2 Yrs
39 Ojajuni Emmanuel Social media 1 Yrs
40 Adewale Beke Protocol Officer 5 Yrs

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